Yeu island

An oasis of greenery in the Atlantic Ocean

Of the coast of Saint Jean de Monts, you will find the Isle of Yeu. With its 23km², its territory has impressive riches. An animal and vegetable microcosm, you will all have the chance to discover the beauty of the surroundings, departing for Saint Jean de Monts from the campsite. Follow the walking and cycle trails and spend a superb day under the Vendée sun admiring this timeless location. A walk along the “côte sauvage” (wild coast) is very impressive, the waves break endlessly on the Isle’s cliffs. The environment of the Isle is very fragile. Therefore, it is important to pay attention throughout your visit to the Isle. During your walks, you will have the chance to admire nearly 290 different species of birds. A member of the LPO (Ligue Protectrice des Oiseaux – Bird Protection League) might be there to present these rare species and explain how they live !