Noirmoutier island

Visit the Isle of Noirmoutier during your holiday at the campsite

The Isle of Noirmoutier is a huge, absolutely unmissable destination when staying in Vendée. The beauty of the place and its natural and cultural heritage make it a destination not to miss. Discover the exceptional natural setting of this Isle by way of the passage of Gois, a road covered by the waves at high tide. Spread out your towel on one of the superb Noirmoutier beaches and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings just a few minutes from the campsite. The flora and fauna are full of life, particularly in the nature reserves of the Isle of Noirmoutier. By following the pedestrian and cycle trails you can go there and see rare specimens in their natural habitat. Discover the historic cultural heritage of Noirmoutier and the history of its ancient name: “The Isle of Her”…

The regional produce of Noirmoutier in Vendée

Near the campsite, the Isle of Noirmoutier is awash with succulent regional produce which can be eaten in the nearby restaurants or cooked yourself. Discover the famous Noirmoutier potatoes. Cultivated in rich soil, they reveal their flavour in each dish and delight the children. The Noirmoutier salt is the fruit of the labour of the salt workers and enhances the taste of dishes with finesse. Lovers of seafood will love tasting the oysters and shellfish gathered on the Isle of Noirmoutier. This is also true for the fish like sole and sea bass caught on a line. Also discover the Noirmoutier turbot, farm raised.