Family day at Notre Dame de Monts
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Family day at Notre Dame de Monts

You have chosen this summer to settle in the Vendée...
Here, all desires will be fulfilled...
Whatever your profile...
Whether you want to relax and enjoy the ambient Doce Vita above all else...
Whether you have a lot of energy and prefer to burn calories playing with the wind and the waves rather than building sandcastles...
Whether you have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and whether for you the discovery of this territory is not limited to its beaches...
You'll all have something to suit your needs...
Today, we take you to a few steps from the campsite to enjoy a delicious family day out.
As usual, you will find below the Zagarella reminder, the essentials not to forget in the mobile home or tent.

Please bring :

  • a picnic or restaurant vouchers according to your wishes
  • water or drinks of your choice
  • A good physical condition if you choose option number 2
  • sun protection (cream, caps)
  • beach towels, swimwear and beach games

With this short list, you probably already have an idea of what to expect.

Family day at Notre Dame de Monts

Option 1: A family activity to start with

First, head to Biotopia in Notre Dame de Monts. We start the day slowly with a playful visit of these places. Biotopia is an exhibition on the theme of nature to awaken the senses of everyone. An indoor part with a museum and explanations on how biodiversity works, and an outdoor part to open your eyes to the nature that surrounds us, that's what awaits you there.

Guided walks are offered throughout the summer to learn all the secrets of the surrounding fauna and flora, as well as activities on various themes every day.

Practical information:

  • open from 8 April to 23 June, Monday to Sunday between 14:00 and 18:00, except on Tuesday
  • open from 24 June to 17 September, Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm and Saturday and Sunday afternoons only from 2 pm to 7 pm
  • adult rate: 7 €, reduced rate: 5 €, child rate: 4 €, free for children under 6
Option 1: A family activity to start with
Option 1: A family activity to start with

Option 2: An early morning walk on the water!

From Kulmino, at the bottom of the Notre Dame de Monts water tower, climb aboard a canoe and paddle through the Vendée marshes. This activity is accessible to families, but children under 6 years old are not allowed. For 2 hours, glide on the water and paddle together to discover the magnificent nature that awaits you.

To access this activity, book your activity with the Pôle Nautique de Notre Dame de Monts.

Practical information :

  • 22 € per person for a day trip
  • 25 € per person for a twilight ride (only on Wednesday evening)

The Nautical Centre offers other activities, but this one is the most suitable for children. Check out their website for more information.

Time for a break

After this beautiful escape in the heart of nature, it's time for the sacrosanct picnic break.

And to take the time to enjoy these magical moments with your family, we have found a very nice spot for you. Yes, we advise you to take a break at the Bois Soret picnic area.

Indeed, this picnic area is equipped with several tables and will allow you to spend a pleasant moment in the shade of the large trees which are there.

The iodized scents of the ocean and the perfumed essences of the maritime pines will perhaps revive childhood memories...

In any case, this unique atmosphere, so characteristic of holidays by the sea, should not fail to seduce you.

Option 2: An early morning walk on the water!
Option 2: An early morning walk on the water!

Some specialities to savour...

Why not take this picnic as an opportunity to taste the products of the Vendée in an original setting. So, you can opt for oysters, prefou for the aperitif, or even a piece of brioche for dessert or for the snack.

A digestive walk in the forest or a game of pétanque to relax, the choice is yours...

Of course, the forest lends itself to all sorts of activities. From the picnic area, you can walk for a few dozen minutes along the footpaths and enjoy this bucolic setting.

Note: There is no need to carry a compass with you, the sound of the waves will tell you which way is west and which way is the beach.

When you have recharged your batteries, and the sun's rays have declined slightly, you can then go to the Bois de Soret beach (about 900 metres away).

Once on the beach, you are free to go about your business.

  • Sunbathing and lazing around for relaxation.
  • Sand castles for the creative souls.
  • Reading in the sun, for those who want to let their minds fly.
  • Beach games for a good time of sharing: ball, volleyball, petanque, mölky, rackets, ...