Discovering Noirmoutier
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Discovering Noirmoutier

During your stay at camping Le Zagarella, we recommend that you take a day out to visit the beautiful island of Noirmoutier. We can't promise you that you'll be able to see it all in one day. However, we can guarantee that you will leave in awe, with memories and stars in your eyes.

Did you know that? The nickname of the island of Noirmoutier is "l'île aux Mimosas" (the island of mimosas), because in winter they blossom there thanks to the mild climate of the place.

To prepare for this day, you won't need any special equipment...

you will just need to bring the essentials of the summer, that is to say...

  • The classic and ever-present sun protection
  • Something to keep you hydrated
  • Your swimming costume and possibly some accessories for fishing on foot if you feel like it (bucket, rake, net...)

Zagarella's good advice: You can decide to take the "Noirmoutier" excursion on a market day. After visiting the castle, you can take the opportunity to do some shopping and fill your basket with local products. This way, your picnic will have local colours and flavours...

And as we've found you a great spot for your lunch, in a paradisiacal and emblematic place of the island, we have the weakness to believe that it could be a great idea...

To know: In the summer, Noirmoutier-en-lîle markets take place every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Discovering Noirmoutier

What better way to discover the island of mimosas than to immerse yourself in its history...

Head for the castle of Noirmoutier to start this beautiful escape. 

In this castle, you will find something to satisfy your appetite for curiosity. First of all, the museum tells you the history of this monument and the wars that took place there. Because of its geographical location, Noirmoutier has been in the middle of various conflicts throughout time. In season, you can also discover the temporary exhibition, which varies according to the period. Visit the various parts of the castle and finish with its triumphant keep. The latter offers a breathtaking view of the whole island.

As an indication, in 2022 the prices were :

  • 8 € per adult
  • 4 € for 6-17 year olds and free for under 6 year olds

Consult all the prices on the official website of the town of Noirmoutier.

Since you will already be in the historic part of the island, take the time to appreciate the Banzeau district. Being one of the oldest in Noirmoutier, it is a nice place to stroll. You will undoubtedly recognize it thanks to its white houses with coloured shutters, pink, blue...

What better way to discover the island of mimosas than to immerse yourself in its history...
What better way to discover the island of mimosas than to immerse yourself in its history...

After this walk, take the car towards the Bois de la Chaize.

But where exactly? Indeed, the wood is more than 110 hectares, and is located between beach and forest. I advise you to choose Le Phare de l'Anse Rouge. When you see the little white huts, you will know that you are in the right place. On the fine sand, put down your towel, your picnic and settle down. Take a break and enjoy your meal in an idyllic setting.

White sand and turquoise water, azure blue sky with kites flying in the sky to bring a touch of lightness to this magical setting...

A pure and iodized air to feel in the depths of your being this feeling of freedom which points to the horizon...

Yes, you are not dreaming.

Take the time to savour this postcard setting and take a dip in the crystal clear water... Unforgettable, I tell you.

At the end of the afternoon, a few kilometres to the north, discover our next stop and head for l'Herbaudière. 

Between the fishing port and the marina, this charming little district has so much to offer.

Used since the 17th century, this harbour is now a crucial point of the island as since 1973 the marina has been added.


How many boats do you think can moor here?
Well, today there are about 570.

After this walk, take the car towards the Bois de la Chaize.
After this walk, take the car towards the Bois de la Chaize.

Markets and gastronomy in Noirmoutier

You should also know that during the season, you can find freshly caught products from the fish market every day! This is a godsend if you like to cook the delights of the sea.

Fish and shellfish of all kinds are on offer: conger eels, sole, skates, lobsters, sea bream, red mullet, sardines... You will find everything you need to treat your taste buds at this market, so don't forget to take something back in your cooler to satisfy even the hungriest of appetites.

And if you have the idea of sharing these delicacies with others, don't hesitate to knock on our door...

Local specialities :

  • The potatoes of Noirmoutier,
  • salt,
  • oysters

To finish this delicious day, allow yourself one last break at the "Comptoir".

This is a very friendly bar-rumour shop-tea room located on the Herbaudière marina.

A warm and musical atmosphere awaits you.

If you are feeling peckish, this is the time to treat yourself to an aperitif board: various rillettes, prefou, you will appreciate these local products which are of an excellent quality.

It will then be time to return to your accommodation and take the famous Gois passage to admire the sun setting over this unique place in the world.

Reminder: we remind you that you must remain vigilant and that this submersible route is only accessible at low tide.