A bike ride in the heart of nature
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A bike ride in the heart of nature

Nature lovers and cycling aficionados, this 100% nature and discovery experience should blow your mind.

Yes, today you will experience the quality of the Vendée cycle paths.

Of course, you will only be able to cycle a tiny part of the 1800 km of the department during this escapade.

Go to Saint Jean de Monts and more precisely to the Avenue Valentin to start this most original loop.

NB: we invite you to download the Visorando application.

You will find the exact GPS coordinates as well as valuable information on this hike.

"Forests and marshes around Saint Jean de Monts"

What you need to know before setting off on this magnificent loop...

  • duration : 1 h 30
  • level: easy, ideal even with children
  • distance : 16 kilometres

Zagarella's reminder:

Make sure you have the right equipment and prefer a good pair of trainers to the traditional summer sandals.

If you want to take a break, pack a picnic. You're bound to find a spot where you can recharge your batteries in the shade of the pines.

A bike ride in the heart of nature

A journey between sea, forest and marsh

The advantage of this course is that it is suitable for all profiles and all levels.

You will not encounter any major difficulties.

You can for example imagine towing a trailer to take the youngest children on this crazy adventure.

To be seen...

The interest of this hike lies in the variety of landscapes that you will discover.

You will start by going along the dune before entering the forest to find the freshness of the pines and their perfumed essences.

You will then take paths that will lead you to the heart of the marsh.

Keep your eyes peeled as a whole ecosystem has developed around this wetland.

You will certainly have the chance to observe herons, storks, ducks or even better the emblematic short-eared owl.

NB: take a break at the observatory, it is the ideal place to watch the spectacle of nature.

When it's time to return to your accommodation and you feel your calves starting to whistle, close your eyes for just a few seconds...

The images of this magnificent day will scroll by for your greatest pleasure and it will be time to plan the rest of the programme, which could be as follows:

  • A swim in water heated to 28° to recover from your efforts
  • A few delicacies to be grilled to live pure moments of conviviality around a festive meal
  • A lively evening at the Zagarella to end the day in style
A journey between sea, forest and marsh